Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by walls of pain and we don’t know how to escape. In Delivered: Experiencing God’s Power in Your Pain, Beth Moore uses Psalm 40 to help readers discover how they got into a pit and how to experience God’s power to get out.

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This pocket-sized devotional is derived from her previous book, Get Out of that Pit

God wants to rescue you from the pit! In Delivered, Beth Moore uses Psalm 40 and shares three reasons we get into a pit and three ways to get out.

The first part of the book addresses three reasons we get into a pit: we are either thrown into one, slip into one, or jump into one ourselves. The next part of the book helps readers find ways to get out.

Beth Moore shares three steps out of a pit: cry out, confess, and consent. When we realize our desperate need for God’s help, we often come to the place where pour out our heart to Him.

“He will deliver the needy who cry out.” Psalm 72:12

“I think He usually waits for us to cry out so He can remove all doubt about who came to our rescue.”

“Throughout your ascent out of that pit, never lose sight of the fact that God will forever be more interested in you knowing your Healer than experiencing His healing, and knowing your Deliverer than knowing your deliverance.”

The next step is confessing our own sins that may have contributed to our defeat. Finally, we must consent to the process of healing and restoration.

I love Beth Moore’s motivational writing. It feels like she is right there with you, encouraging you to reach for God’s hand and climb out of your pit.

“Beloved, God’s will is for you to get out of that pit. If you will consent to the process, waiting upon God as he begins shifting, shoving, and rearranging things for your release, you can go ahead and start getting excited, because it will happen. Just as God promises in his Word.”

I received a free copy of this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.  

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