Learn how to find healing health for your hurting heart by immersing yourself in God's love to find wholeness for your mind, body, and heart.

“Have you seen my keys, mom?” 

My normally chill 18-year-old son fumbled through my bathroom cabinets. I folded the corner page of the new book I was reading, Healing Rain, to help him mentally retrace his steps. My car was the last place he had them.

The recurring theme of Sue Detweiler’s book —unlocking the keys to find wholeness for your mind, body, and heart by immersing yourself in Christ’s love, hit home.

My broken heart searches for comfort, like hunting for lost keys. The cover of the book shows cupped hands collecting rain—God showering his love upon us. And I realize I’ve allowed my troubles to become an umbrella, preventing me from experiencing God’s healing rain upon my life.

This book helped me understand areas in my life where I’m putting up an umbrella. My heart falls asleep spiritually when I don’t immerse myself in God’s love. When my umbrella’s up, I lose interest in growing spiritually. My prayer life becomes stagnant, and my desire to read the Bible and attend church fades.

But when I position myself under the healing power of God, my heart can receive God’s wholeness.

Jesus is the only one who helps me mentally get to the root issues of my complex heart and the daily battle of my mind. I can stop searching all the wrong places to heal my heart and go to the source of where my healing comes from—Jesus.

Detweiler shares how she finds healing by gaining a fresh vision of the resurrected Lord:

  1. knowing Jesus intimately
  2. positioning my heart before Jesus to heal
  3. fellowshipping with Jesus as I suffer
  4. becoming more like Jesus as I die to self and,
  5. envisioning Jesus as my resurrected Lord and healer

“Healing happens daily as you receive a fresh vision of Jesus, the resurrected One who heals your heart and body.”

Part of winning the battle of my mind involves changing my mindset by thinking of myself as a victor, not a victim, taking every thought captive, and choosing to speak life, not death.

When I received this book a few months ago, my life was so busy I had a difficult time slowing down to read anything. I felt God nudging my heart to get up earlier and spend time with him reading through this book. The Lord used this book to heal my heart and shower His love upon me. 

This book offers insightful keys to finding healing health for your hurting heart! Learn how God showers his love upon you like healing rain.
Learn how to find healing health for your hurting heart by immersing yourself in God's love to find wholeness for your mind, body, and heart.

The journal prompts were life-changing! I looked forward to getting up each morning and hearing how the Lord would speak to my heart. A year ago, I had surgery to remove scar tissue growing inside my airway from an autoimmune disease that was literally blocking my airway over 50%. God showed me how the scar tissue resembles the spirit of trauma in my life that has been trying to push me down and stop me from becoming the woman God created me to be. 

So many quotes from this book ministered to me, and here are just a few:

“We tend to run from our pain rather than wait on Jesus to heal our hearts. The enemy knows where you are most vulnerable. He feasts on wounded flesh. When your soul (your mind, will, and emotions) is not at peace, it is a heart issue.”

“Today, make a choice not to allow your personal experience with sickness to cause you to doubt the miracles in the Bible or the blessings God wants to work through you.”

“Receive wholeness for your heart and health. As you allow Jesus to sift out negative attitudes and purify your heart, receive His wholeness. His inheritance to you is a whole heart—not a divided heart, not a wounded heart, not a broken heart. As He heals your heart, He also restores your health. Don’t allow any narratives in your mind to embrace a defeated lifestyle.” 

This book helped me position my heart to receive God’s healing instead of allowing my heart to be overcome by my troubles. No matter what denomination you are (I have a non-denominational background), I believe God will use this book to minister to you if you have a receptive heart. I loved it!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

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