Whether taking a stroll on the beach, going on a neighborhood evening walk, or sitting on a bench at the dog park, I love watching the camaraderie between humans and their tail-wagging companions. I’ll usually ask if I can pet your furry friend, and end up making a friend myself. Dogs help us smile. Forget problems.  And it’s often true–when I notice the person holding the leash, I somehow see the image of their dog’s face morphed into them.

We could talk for hours about how our dog has snuggled into the unexpected places of our hearts. And in Second-Chance Dogs, that’s just what these stories from around the world do. Share on X

I have a hard time remembering people’s names. But for some reason, these Second-Chance Dogs, and their distinctive personalities stand out to me. The way Honey runs free and comes back home to bask in the warm sun on the porch, how Bruce sensed fear, Sprinkles pointed, Mithril rocked the cradle with her nose, and Jazzy, the so-not-a-beagle, licked away tears.

Second-Chance Dogs is a collection of true rescue stories spotlighting the beauty of reciprocal love between people and their dogs.

I loved one author’s description of her dog:

“Faith is big, obtrusive, and hairy. She will chase anything that moves but wouldn’t think to warn us even if the house were on fire. In truth, there isn’t much about her that’s convenient. But then grief—and love—rarely are.”

Tucked underneath each endearing story, you’ll feel comforted by the reciprocal love of a human and a dog.

This is an easy book to read in short bites since each chapter spotlights a new story. If you are a dog lover, cozy up on the couch with your dog and let this book pull at your heartstrings.

I received a free copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

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