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I’ve been blogging for over a year and have found some great resources that have helped me grow and learn. Blogging is such a wonderful ministry! I love being able to share the hope of Jesus in my life with so many people all over the world via the internet. It’s a huge mission field!

I want to help new bloggers discover how to spread their message by recommending some of the classes and tools I’ve used to grow my blog in order to reach more people for Christ.

There are quite a few expenses involved with running a blog. And since this is a ministry for me, I’ve invested a lot of my own time and money into doing something that I’m passionate about-spreading the gospel.

Some of the resources I recommend are affiliate links. That means that if you decide to purchase something through my site a small portion will help support this blog. You can see my disclosure page here.

With that said, these are my honest and sincere reviews.

Christian Blogging 101

Carmen Brown has a passion to help other Christian women start a blog. She uses the lessons she’s learned from her own research and experience of launching her blog, Married By His Grace. She runs a Facebook group I’m in geared to help bloggers. Her knowledge and ability to help others amazes me! She is filled with compassion and drive in her ministry for the Lord!

Christian Blogging 101

Christian Bloggers Bootcamp

The best decision I ever made was joining CBB. This course walked me through some of the basic essentials for having a blog.  You’ll soon find out how important it is to find a community in blogging. This is the place to do it! The friendships I’ve made here are invaluable. The support is incredible. When I started my blog, I thought I was obeying God and described myself as one ship among a sea of many bloggers. But not for long. This group rallies around each other and helps you navigate the rough waters. If you would like to join you can get 10% off my entering the code Val10. Just click the image below to find out more.


Building a Framework

Building a Framework

Pin In 21

A great class to help you grow your blog with Pinterest!

The first place I went to in order to find readers was Pinterest. I created a business account and joined the course Pin In 21. This is a great class that taught me how to use Pinterest effectively. When I started I had 70 followers and now I almost have 4000.


sovrn Holdings, Inc.


I love Canva for making images. There are some great interactive tutorials to help you learn how to use it!




Whether you’re interested in starting a blog, you’re a new blogger or you just want to take your blog to the next level, I think EBA is a great way to learn all the skills necessary for your ministry or business.

If you’re a blogger, I would love for you to answer in the comment section why you think blogging is a great ministry? Let’s spread the news of God’s love and encourage others to start a ministry using their words to reach the world!


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