Stepping Into a Dream


When I woke up, I instantly remembered my dream. It was a dream so unlike my typical insecure patterns of thinking and my own limited perceptions of my capabilities. I had an overwhelming feeling it had to be from God. 

In my dream, Lysa TerKeurst (best-selling Christian author)—I know, right? put her hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes and said to me, “Are you ready? God can use you. But it’s going to be hard work. Are you ready to take the risk?”

I couldn’t even believe Lysa Teurkerst was talking to me, as if her words were leading me into the public world of blogging. And yet in my heart, I knew it was God’s way of holding out his hand to see if I would grab it.

Unpacking this scary God-sized dream felt too big for me and overwhelming.

But Lord, what if people don’t like my writing? How do I know if I’m good enough? Was that dream really from you?

I was scared. I wanted confirmation.

Are you following God with a dream He's planted in your heart? Here are some important truths to remember on your journey.

Writing has always felt like a second language to me. I feel like I speak two languages and am only fluent in one.  I can’t seem to speak the thoughts I’m able to write down. They are only expressed when they flow from my mind to my fingers.

But starting a blog meant I would share my writing with the big-wide-world of internet viewers and up until then, no-one had even read my writing.

My first blog post was titled: My Boat is in the Water/Trusting in His Guidance:

“If God is setting your boat on the ocean, then all you have to do is let him lead the direction of the boat. You just have to take the risk and take your boat off of the dock and put it in the water. Then trust God to lead you where he wants you to go.”

When I look back at each step I’ve taken over the past year, I see that God paved a path for me. 

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And it’s on these slow and steady steps along the way, where I’ve learned these life-changing lessons about following a God-sized dream!

Will you celebrate with me and read the rest of this post over at Godsized Dreams?

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