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I ran to my mailbox when I saw pictures of my friends holding a journal and a manifesto they received from hope*WRITERS.  I wasn’t sure if all members received the gift, but of course, we did.

Why I love hope*WRITERS!

The hosts, Emily P. Freeman, Gary Morland, and Brian J. Dixon welcome everyone. They don’t make you feel less than if you have less experience. They want to help you feel confident in your pursuit of writing. In who you are—a writer. They model the example of what being a writer is all about: serving your reader, and sharing your story of hope.

“We believe we have a message to share and a reader to serve.”

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Here are some reasons why I love being a hope*WRITER!

Hope*Writers has given me confidence.

When I started listening to the encouraging podcasts from hope*WRITERS, I felt confirmed in my calling to write. I didn’t know what being a member of hope *WRITERS would be like, but at the time, I just wanted access to the information on their website and put the “I Am a Hope Writer” image on the sidebar of my blog ➡️. Because even though I couldn’t say, “I am a writer”  it felt good to say, “I am a Hope Writer!” 

After about 6 months of being a member, I attended my first conference, the West Coast Christian Writing Conference. During the opening, they had everyone look at the person next to them as if in an AA meeting and say, “I am a writer.” And then I realized I wasn’t alone. Apparently, writers have a hard time claiming the esteemed title and all that it implies. When you join hope*WRITERS you learn that if you write, well, then you’re a writer. Right? ?

We are still writers even if we never write a book. #hope*WRITERS #hope*WRITERmanifesto Click To Tweet

Hope Writers is my favorite writing community! Find out why I love hope*WRITERS and how it has helped me grow as a writer.

We don't wait to write until we feel qualified, picked, or inspired. #hope*WRITERS #hope*WRITERmanifesto Click To Tweet

Hope*Writers has opened doors of opportunity

Sometimes other members or the hosts let you know about opportunities to submit articles for websites like Incourage. I found out about Ann Voskamp’s launch team for The Broken Way, through hope*WRITERS. Since then, I’ve participated in numerous launch teams. It’s been a joy to see fellow writing friends become published authors. 

For Every Mom read this post during the hope*WRITER Friday Shares and asked to publish it on their blog. I joined Chad Allen’s Book Camp and Book Proposal Academy after hearing his interview in hope*WRITERS. Last year, I finished a book proposal and was able to meet with agents and editors at the Mount Hermon Christian Writing Conference. 

“We know how to hustle without losing our heart.”

#hope*WRITER #manifesto

Hope*Writers has given me an education I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else

The Tuesday Teachings have been my favorite part of being a member. They host live interviews with authors, agents, editors, influencers, and publishers. They’ve interviewed Sally Clarkson, Marion Roach, Revell Executive Editor Andrea Doering, Zondervan Editor Stephanie Smith, Entrepreneur, Jennifer Allwood, Renee Swope, Alli Worthington and so many more! All of these interviews are in the hope*WRITER library and you can access them at any time.

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I have a backstage pass!

If you love books and want to know what the path to authorship is all about, you get the backstage pass here. Only you aren’t treated like a “fan” but part of a tribe of like-minded writers. You will see many of your friends become authors right before your eyes. They interact in the FB group and ask questions about the publishing process, share all the scary feelings and may even invite you on their book launch teams. It’s so fun! 

But if you just want to write, that’s ok too. This group is for all writers.

“We champion the success of other writers.” #hope*WRITERS 

Hope•Writers has given me community

You can get to know other writers who are in the same season of writing by joining a Hope*WRITER Circle. Last year I joined a Hope Circle for members who were in the process of writing a book proposal. My friend Dorina Lazo Gilmore facilitated the group and I had the joy of meeting her at Mount Hermon and rejoicing with her when she secured an agent for her book. 

The hope*WRITER FB group is very active! You can access their live training through the FB group as well.

“We celebrate progress and take our next right step in love.’ #hope*WRITERS

I could go on and on about why I love being a hope*WRITER. But you can explore them for yourself with some of these free offers during this week’s celebration, because they opened their doors the next few weeks for new members!

“We understand fear is normal, but courage gets the final say.” #hope*WRITERS


Hope Writers is my favorite writing community! Find out why I love hope*WRITERS and how it has helped me grow as a writer.

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