The Words We Lost by Nicole Deese draws you into the life of Ingrid Erikson, an editor mourning the loss of her best friend and famous client, Cece. Ingrid struggles to move forward in life, also still grieving her father’s death and grappling with resentment towards the man she loves and blames for it, who happens to be Cece’s cousin. When Ingrid’s boss threatens to fire her unless she finds Cece’s last manuscript, Ingrid is forced back into the world of her ex-boyfriend, Joel, to fulfill Cece’s final request. Here Ingrid learns to face her inner turmoil as she not only searches for Cece’s last manuscript but searches the deep places of her heart to find love again. The themes of grief, love, mystery, and forgiveness move the storyline along.

The Words We Lost by Nicole Deese is a captivating romance about an editor who grieves loss and learns to forgive and love again.

I ordered this book because I was drawn to the writing theme and was curious to see the behind-the-scenes life of an acquisitions editor. I also love a good romance novel and enjoyed watching the ups and downs of Ingrid and Joel’s struggling relationship.

Deese’s writing captivated me, bringing me right into the scene and feeling all of Ingrid’s emotions with her. For example, when Ingrid sees Joel for the first time after many years have passed:

“A heart-stopping, electric current stuns all my five senses at once at the sight of the broad-shouldered man staring out my office window. For the briefest of seconds, every shattered thing in my world pushes to the periphery to make way for a hope that hurts nearly as badly as the heartache it’s desperate to replace. On sheer instinct, my body moves toward him, desiring a reunion I’ve never allowed, a restoration I’ve never believed possible. But as soon as he faces me, it all comes rushing back into focus again. The place and time I yearn for in my restless dreams no longer exists. And yet somehow, the past I fled is standing right in front of me, hundreds of miles off course and a handful of years too late.”

Although the book contains many subplots that were a little hard to follow at times, I felt drawn into the reading by the author’s powerful writing.

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