How do we know, whether we are following our own desires or God’s will for our life? Oftentimes I find the answer involves a balanced perspective and a heart that seeks after God.

There seems to be this middle ground where our dreams and God’s will for our life synchronize—where God’s will becomes our greatest desire and our dreams come alive but aren’t idolized.

In Dreaming With God, A Bold Call to Step Out and Follow God’s Lead, Sarah Beth Marr describes dreaming as a sweet dance where God invites us to follow his lead. Beth Marr danced professionally for six years and writes using the language of dance to show how dreaming with God will deepen your relationship with Christ.

Dreaming with God is becoming the you he had in mind when he made you.

Reaching our goals and desires takes hard work and determination. It’s easy to get off-track and pursue dreams in our own strength, holding tight to our own plans and the outcomes we hope for. Instead, God wants us to embrace the desires He’s given us and trust him with a surrendered heart.

This book was enjoyable to read and gave a balanced approach to pursuing our dreams and following God’s will for our life. When we live in the tension of not knowing how our dreams will turn out, we can seek God for clarity and wisdom. He comforts and guides us through the delays, detours, and disappointments.

I’ve spent all year working on a book proposal. I just mailed it in for a writing conference I’m attending. I’ve dreamt of being a writer since I was in second grade and won first place for my cloth-covered book, What Is Love?. Sending my proposal in the mail felt like surrendering my dream to God. I put in the hard work and tried my best. Now I just trust him for the next step.

If God has given you a dream, you can be sure that He will be with you every step of the way.

Following God’s lead in the dance often means working hard, practicing, and being open to correction so you can make improvements.

Once we’ve taken that step of surrendering our dreams, we begin a dance of trust. Some days we will truly feel at peace, trusting God is at work behind the scenes. But other days we will lose our footing. Those days feel cloudy as if our faith in God is fogged by questions and doubt. We tend to be hard on ourselves on those days because we think we should be able to trust God and be at peace. But remember, it’s a dance. Swaying back and forth between trust and doubt is how our faith grows.

Reading this book came at the perfect time for me. I’m so glad God not only cares about the dreams of our heart, but he uses them to draw us closer to him as we surrender our plans to God.

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Dreaming With God

I received a free copy of this book from Baker Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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