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I’ve always loved Oswald Chamber’s book, My Utmost for His Highest. It’s one that I keep in my stack of devotionals and seem to always go back to.  

I was excited to find out that some of his notes and lectures from the early twentieth century, had been kept in a historic periodical called, God’s Revivalist.

Devotions for a Deeper Life contains excerpts from this periodical when he taught at a Bible School in Cincinnati, Ohio called God’s Bible School and College. In this devotional, great care was taken to include material that was unfamiliar to Oswald Chamber’s readers.

This is a well-made, hard-bound book with glossy pages and a short devotion for each day of the year. Each devotion starts with a Bible verse, an excerpt from Oswald Chamber’s writings and closes with a prayer thought and further suggested reading.


While I loved reading the words of Oswald Chambers, this devotion felt pieced together and didn’t seem to have a cohesive flow to it.

I think the words of Oswald Chambers are so prolific and profound that it’s difficult to read a short devotion and really delve into the depth and meaning of his words and language.

 I found that I understood the language and meaning better and found it more coherent when I read each month through—like reading a chapter. 

With that said, although the devotion requires some thought and careful reading, it is one that will add spiritual knowledge about the true meaning of living a sanctified life for the Lord.

I think anything written by Oswald Chambers is worthy of study and gaining insight from and it’s exciting to know that this devotion contains some of his thoughts that you may not have read before.

I would recommend starting with My Utmost for His Highest and then continuing on with Devotions for a Deeper Life.

I received a copy of this book for free from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

Oswald Chambers

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