What’s keeping you from being a valiant warrior? Strong in Battle by Susie Larson gives practical strategies to help you gain victory in your hardships and overcome obstacles in your life.

I read this book at a time when I needed some spiritual encouragement because my battles made me feel weak and powerless. Every chapter contained deep spiritual insights that helped me grow closer to God. I truly felt strong in battle after reading this book!

Strong in Battle gives you practical strategies to help you gain victory in your hardships and overcome obstacles in your life.

How we view our trials when we’re in them and what we tell ourselves about them on the other side directly impacts the kind of warrior we become.

The theme of each chapter emphasizes ways to stay strong in battle:

  1. Stay Dependent 2. Stay in Rank 3. Stay Teachable 4. Stay Strong 5. Stay Close 6. Stay the Course 7. Stay True 8. Stay Engaged 9. Stay Fierce 10. Stay in Awe

Each chapter ends with four areas of application.

  • The Humble Way explores the power of humility in every battle we face.
  • Discern the Fiery Arrows helps the reader identify the attack of the enemy
  • Say No! addresses ways to stand in faith and block the fiery arrows
  • Say Yes! gives vision to what overwhelming victory looks like

The sooner we trust God more than we do our puny perspective, the sooner we will move into that place of faith where His promises become sturdier than our circumstances.

The enemy will do whatever he can to snatch our peace, so we react to our problems in the flesh instead of walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

He puts thoughts in your mind, hoping you’ll rehearse them until they feel true. he goes after your identity, hoping you’ll forget who you are so you’ll make choices contrary to God’s truth about you. He goes after God’s goodness in seasons of hardship so you’ll forget which way is up and lose sight of His promises. The devil frequently finds access in the hearts of others and uses them to distract and discourage the saints of God.

The devil attacks me through insecurity. Chapter eight helped me learn to guard my heart against this. Oftentimes, when I compare the progress of my calling to others, I feel like I’ll never become the powerful vessel I witness in others and long to become myself. This quote encouraged me:

Picture yourself around people who normally make you negatively self-aware because they excel where you don’t, and envision yourself feeling joyful, assured, and called to stand wherever God places you. Your goal isn’t to be popular, or even to be loved. You’re already loved. And divinely equipped. Your goal is to walk into the territory God assigns you and to do so with God given authority, power, love, and humility. People can react or think what they want. You’re on a mission and you’ve got heaven on your side.

Chapter Nine encourages Christians to contend for the promises that are ours:

  1. Identity/Security
  2. Healed and whole soul 3.
  3. Your Calling
  4. God’s promise to empower you.

He uses every twist and turn of our story. You have a spiritual agility and sharpness about you that is a direct result of the challenges you’ve faced. Your battle—though fierce and heartbreaking at times—has served you well, even if you can’t see it in the moment

I was weary in battle before reading this book. The twists and turns of my story felt too complicated for God to use. But now I see how my trials have served me well. Over the years, the Lord has been in the battle with me, making me whole in Him. He’s taught me how to fight. How to heal. And because of Him, I am strong. And so are you!

I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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