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I crave rest–especially rest that is assured. I’m a busy mom with four kids. When I was able to slow down enough to start reading the book Rest Assured, by Vicki Courtney, it felt like taking a deep breath in and breathing out the frantic, hurried pace that seems to dictate my life. The first chapter of the book had me contemplating the dilemma most moms grapple with.

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We make them. We live by them. And yet we complain that we are too busy … as if our schedules control us. But in order to rest, we need to let go and loosen the reigns of our hurried pace and the tight schedule that leaves little room to be still.

Rest Assured Review

The first part of the book (Enemies of Rest: the Intervention) helps readers discover the root cause of our seeming addiction to busyness. The author leads readers through an intervention process with questions at the end of each chapter to self-evaluate our behavior.

The second part of the book (Redeeming Rest: The Recovery) offers a plan to bring back some quiet into our lives. Each chapter ends with self-reflection at the Rest Stop and even includes The One Week Dare. The One Week Dare offers practical ways to be at rest, including turning off social media!

This was the perfect time for me to read this book. I have been working on being still in my soul, even when my life feels busy and chaotic. Rest Assured challenged me to take the reigns of my schedule in order to create those moments of solitude to refuel.

I loved this book! I can’t wait to reread it and take my time answering the study questions.

Rest Assured: A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls

Rest Assured


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