A few months ago I had the chance to visit the church I attended from elementary school through my college years. It is now called Venture Christian Church and Chip Ingram is the pastor. 

It was fun to hear Chip Ingram speak since our couple’s small group had recently finished a study he wrote called Culture Shock.

I’ve always enjoyed his straightforward preaching of Biblical truth and the way he uses personal life experiences to relate the message to others.

His book The Real God: How He Longs for You to See Him is just what I thought it would be. Ingram teaches solid biblical truth and brings it home with examples of personal life experience and application for readers.

He seeks to help others see God scripturally for who He really is and not the God we imagine him to be.

What you think about God shapes your whole relationship with him. In addition, what you believe God thinks about you determines how close you will grow toward him.

Do you have an accurate view of God? In the Real God, Chip Ingram explores the biblical attributes of God in order to understand who God really is.

The first few chapters are devoted to uncovering the misconceptions we have about God and evaluating the way we perceive God. There’s a quiz to take to test our spiritual vision by measuring the amount of energy we have for him, how great our thoughts are about God, our degree of boldness for him and our level of contentment in him.

There’s nothing more important than getting an accurate view of God, seeing him as he desires to be seen.

While expressing God’s desire for you to see Him as he really is, Ingram closely examines the attributes of God. A chapter is devoted to each—his goodness, sovereignty, holiness, wisdom, justice, love and faithfulness.

I love how he defined each character trait at the beginning of each chapter and then fleshed out its meaning throughout with scriptural explanations. He ends each chapter sharing a personal testimony of how he experienced that particular aspect of God in his own life.

The end of each chapter also concludes with a section called B.I.O. These three letters offer very practical ways to live out and experience the qualities of God so that we learn to have a correct view of Him.

Come BEFORE God Daily



An upward, accurate view of God, high and holy, leads to an inward, accurate view of yourself as fallen short and desperately needing God’s forgiveness, which in turn leads to an outward view of your life being about God’s agenda instead of yours, and your life being about the needs of other people instead of you and your little world.

Trusting in God’s goodness transformed my definition of risk.

I’ve been on a journey to overcome fear in my life. I truly believe learning to view God as He really is and studying the attributes of his goodness, sovereignty, holiness, wisdom, justice, love and faithfulness, is the key to trading fear for faith!

This book has been a great tool to remind me how loving, majestic and trustworthy God is!

I received a copy of this book from Baker Books Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

The Real God

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