I’m headed to Hawaii this summer and I couldn’t resist ordering Devotions from the Beach: 100 Devotions to take along with me. 

This devotional is well-made with a hard-bound cover. The beautiful coastal photos inside make you feel like you’re looking at the ocean!

There are 100 beach themed devotions geared for women.  Each begins with a Bible verse, then tells a story relating to the Bible, and ends with a prayer. 

These 100 Devotions From the Beach will make you feel like you're close to God at the beach. The coastal pictures inside are beautiful!

I was a little concerned the beach theme topic would feel overdone. But  I thought the topics tied in well and were meaningful. The devotions helped me reflect on God in new ways. 

I enjoyed the devotion that compared feeding seagulls to feeding our insecurities.

A few of my favorite quotes were:

“Just a sip of salt water can shock your body into breathlessness and immediate thirst, so angry words and acts can stun a loved one into pain and confusion.”


“Consider the ship that disregards a lighthouse: the ship will make progress for a while, but ultimately it hastens its own destruction. In times of uncertainty, wait on God. The light will come.”


“Don’t let the reality of wipeouts blur the edges of your faith in God’s goodness. Sudden waves happen, but God is always ready to rescue you.”

This devotional would make a great gift. It’s perfect to display on your coffee table at a beach house.

I received a free copy from BookLookBloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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