I remember reading Rory Feek’s viral blog posts on FB, saddened by the emotional pictures of moments he shared with his wife Joey as they battled the cancer that eventually separated them.

One picture, I don’t think I’ll forget. Their little girl Indy sat on Joey’s lap as they smiled at each other on her hospital bed in their living room with a view of a serene pond in front of them and the tragic effects of cancer invading Joey’s body.

I knew I wanted to read more of their life together in Rory’s book, This Life I Live. It was so good, I read it in just a few days.

This is a book about Rory’s life. He invites you into his ordinary days—his love for old farmhouses, music, songwriting, comfortable overalls and the love of his life, Joey.

He shares of his childhood and growing up with little money or family stability. He talks about his own failures in relationships and the lessons he learned from them.

His love for songwriting led him to meet Joey, whose dream was to be a singer. Together they made a career out of singing country music, built a studio/stage in their red farmhouse and performed together.

Rory’s love for writing leads him to start a blog and film their ordinary life.  When Joey is diagnosed with terminal cancer, these videos and the documentation of their life together would touch the world and go viral.

In this heartwarming memoir, This Life I Live, Rory Feek shares the emotional journey of his wife's battle with terminal cancer and the story of his life.

Rory sees his relationship with Joey as a new start. He’s determined to change the things of his past and to love her well. And he does. And it gets noticed by the world.

“I have to tell you this story so you can understand how incredible it is that I am famous. Not just famous. But famous for loving my wife. It’s an incredible thing to be known for that, but it’s even more incredible knowing where I came from, knowing what I could’ve been known for.”

He says it’s the power of God that helped him to change and delivered him from the life he led before.

Their strong love for each other speaks through every page.

After I read this heart-warming book of their love story, I watched the movie he made for her, To Joey With Love.

The movie brought the book to life on-screen with the gentle sound of Rory’s voice narrating each moment. The images of Joey’s smile and positive attitude even throughout the constant blows of cancer, touched my heart deeply.

Joey never stopped having a hopeful attitude. She never stopped seeing her blessings. She never stopped showing grace. She loved so well.

Rory’s outlook on his life despite the sorrow is one that will help others find hope.

I loved this quote because it shows the positive outlook Rory has on life.

My thoughts make up how I feel about myself and others and this life I live. I can choose to be negative, filled with regret. Or I can choose to be filled with hope. With life. A life of possibilities and wonder. Every day is a new day for me. I get to make what I want of it. It is a gift from God. The biggest gift, I think. So I do not dwell on the past. Not ever. Today is what determines tomorrow, and right here, right now is all I can really do anything about. So I stay in the moment–or I try to anyway. It is a constant battle. Being present. Being completely present with the ones around you.

This is a beautiful and powerful story of life, love and hope.

I received this book for free from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

This Life I Live

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