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Why should you stay in a Bed and Breakfast?

Have you ever considered staying at a B&B for a romantic getaway? Ok, so maybe you’re put off by having to sit at breakfast with strangers.

Really, it’s actually pretty fun if you give it a try. However, there are a lot of B&B’s where you can eat breakfast in the privacy of your room or during breakfast hours where you can choose your own table. 

You can find just the right place if you do a little research. Afraid that you will have to share a bathroom? Not to worry, most Bed and Breakfast’s provide private bathrooms (some even with jacuzzi tubs) and fireplaces. 

After 20 years of celebrating my anniversary at different Bed and Breakfasts all over California, here are my top ten reasons why I would choose a B&B over a hotel any day!

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is quaint, cozy and elegant. Every room is decorated differently (often, according to a theme). One of the most memorable rooms I’ve stayed in was at The Cottage Inn located in Tahoe.

We stayed in the Bird’s nest room which even had the peaceful sound of birds chirping on a nature CD when we arrived. There was a fireplace right next to the tub and a log spiral staircase leading up to a loft. Not something you will find in a hotel!

Every B&B I’ve stayed at offered an elegant ambiance that I’ve never felt at a hotel.

Have you ever thought about staying in a Bed and Breakfast? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose a bed and breakfast for a romantic getaway.

You get Pampered

Most Inns have only up to 11 rooms. The InnKeepers are always there to assist you, guide you to your room, make reservations for you and offer great recommendations for activities in the area.

The main sitting area usually provides dinner menus from all the local restaurants in the area. Complimentary wine and cheese are usually served in the evening.

My hubby and I love to enjoy the free hors d’oeuvres while we browse the restaurant menus. When you get back from dinner, most inns provide warm cookies in the sitting parlor.

Some inns provide free movies to take to your room and watch. The Simpson House Inn even provided popcorn!

Have you ever thought about staying in a Bed and Breakfast? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose a bed and breakfast for a romantic getaway.

Competitive Pricing

When I compared B&B prices to staying in a nice hotel, the prices were comparable and even cheaper in many cases. Not to mention, the added benefits of a free gourmet breakfast, more personable service and a unique atmosphere.

Some B&B’s also provide a Government discount. We usually go “off season” when the rates are lower.

The Gourmet Breakfast!

Hint: we always look for an inn that has a full breakfast. If it has a “continental” breakfast we usually pass up. Why? Because we love the gourmet breakfasts served at most B&Bs!

We never go out to breakfast at home, but when we are on vacation, we love waking up to the smell of breakfast! And even though I’m an introvert, I love to meet new people at the breakfast table and find out what brings them to the area.

Perhaps it’s the inquisitive journalist I’ve always wanted to be who loves to get to know people. I’ve never met an unfriendly person at breakfast!

Have you ever thought about staying in a Bed and Breakfast? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose a bed and breakfast for a romantic getaway.


Many B&Bs are Victorian historic buildings. We love to discover the history behind an inn that has been maintained to keep its history alive.

Comfortable Beds!

Many B&Bs have a quality down comforter and pillows! The last B&B we stayed in, The Seven Gables Inn, even sold their sheets. They were the softest sheets I’ve ever felt! I don’t think I’ve ever slept in an uncomfortable bed at a B&B.

Have you ever thought about staying in a Bed and Breakfast? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose a bed and breakfast for a romantic getaway.

The Journals

In the last 5 years, this tradition is fading, but Bed and Breakfasts used to have a journal on the nightstand in every room. Couples would write about their stay, what brought them there, places they ate, and what they liked or didn’t like about the room they stayed in.

I love to write down what anniversary we are celebrating and each B&B we’ve visited over the years.

B&B Journals


Of all the B&B’s I’ve stayed at, there are only two that I felt weren’t as clean as they should have been. These were also 5 star reviewed inns. (please read my next post on how to find a B&B you’ll love). Hint: you can’t always go by the number of stars.

No matter what, cleanliness is my top priority for anywhere I stay…and of course, no bedbugs! Yep, I’m one to check before a trip. I’ve never stayed at a B&B that didn’t have a maid service. Since it is a reflection of the innkeepers home, most B&B’s take pride in cleanliness.


We usually plan our trips based upon an activity we want to do. Whether it’s exploring a quaint town, skiing, zip-lining, taverns, horseback riding, wine tasting, or just enjoying the ocean. We’ve stayed in some that have had some great ocean views.

My favorite by far was the Seven Gables Inn. We also loved the Cypress Inn. This year stayed in Half Moon Bay and went to the city to see Wicked.

The Memories

I’ll by honest. It’s hard for me to remember things. But I remember something special about each anniversary trip.

My favorite memory is surprising my husband with flowers and a note telling him “Baby on the way”. I was pregnant with our second child. We laugh because the people who delivered the flowers wrote “Baby, I’m the way” and I couldn’t understand why my husband didn’t seem to “get” it. 

If you are interested in staying at a B&B but you’re not sure how to find the best one, stay tuned for my next post, How to Find a B&B You’ll Love!

What are some of the unforgettable memories you’ve made with your husband? Have you ever stayed in a Bed and Breakfast? Did you like it? 



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