I love journals! I have stashes of them stored away in drawers and cabinets throughout my home. I remember getting my first devotional journal when I was in third grade. Ever since then, I still find such joy in writing my prayers out to the Lord.

When I saw The Weekly Prayer Project Journal by Scarlet Hiltibidal available for review, I jumped at the chance.

This is a sturdy, hard-bound journal with colorful images and illustrations throughout its thick pages. 

Each week contains a scripture and journaling prompt that will guide you to reflect on God’s word and pray. There are 52 scriptures, one for each week of the year to help you be intentional about your time with God.

The Weekly Prayer Project Journal helps you connect with God as you explore 7 different types of prayer found in the Bible.

The journal is divided into seven sections that each represent a different type of prayer found in the Bible. 


  1. Requests (Please, God)
  2. Gratitude (Thank you, God)
  3. Lament (Why, God?)
  4. Intercession (Help, God)
  5. Faith (Are you sure, God?)
  6. Repentance (I’m sorry God)
  7. Awe (Wow, God!)

I thought the questions and journal prompts really encouraged me to dig deeper and think about how the scripture applies to my life. 

Share all His awesome deeds—the ones you read about in His written Word and in the words you write as you see Him work in your life. p.11

I would have preferred the order of sections to start with gratitude before requests and include a section for confession before repentance (although there is a confession and prayer prompt in the section titled Intercession). However, I still enjoyed the journal and would recommend it.

In the introduction to the journal, readers are encouraged to use the pages to fit their own needs and make it their own. You can start at the beginning or jump ahead to a section that’s most applicable to you. I decided to use the journal daily instead of once a week, and found it a great way to start my devotion time.

I received this journal for free in exchange for an honest review from book-look bloggers.

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