Set me free from fear!

It’s 2017!

I’m so excited to start sharing some posts I’ve written on fear in this new series called, Trading Fear For Faith. 

I’d like to start with a prayer I wrote asking the Lord to help me break free from fear. 

I’ve made the prayer into a bookmark for all my subscribers.

Set Me Free!

When FEAR paralyzes my thoughts

and threatens to control my actions

when AVOIDANCE is the one path that feels safe

when it seems like I will never escape fear’s hold

and I would rather stay in the FAMILIAR

Lord, would you enter into those places

hold out your hand for me to reach for

pull me up

LEAD ME to the next step I need to take

WALK ME through the path of healing

out of the dark patterns and habits I’ve formed

out of the trappings of my mind

SET ME FREE from the captivity

of Satan’s invisible chains

into the FREEDOM

of trusting You, Jesus.

I pray that my steps would turn into leaps

leaps into sprints

sprints into marathons

so that one day

I could run past the obstacles

without the weight of fear slowing me down

CONFIDENT that if you let go of my hand

and it feels like you’re not there

it’s because you’re in front of me

teaching me to trust you

waiting with open arms

for me to run to

Lord, with you I am SAFE

with you I am STRONG


with you, I’m set free


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