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After recently reading Chuck Swindoll’s Studying the Scriptures, I was interested in learning the context and definitions surrounding some of my favorite verses in the Bible. I was excited to receive the NKJV Word Study Bible.

This Bible has a nice simple design with a sturdy hardbound cover. It contains 1,700 Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek word studies to help you understand the precise meaning of ancient words and definitions.

 The Bible was first given to us in three languages: Hebrew and Aramaic in the Old Testament and Greek in the New Testament. 

Word studies give you an opportunity to experience God’s Word closer to the way the believers did who first received these inspired books from those who penned them.”

-Introduction to Bible Word Study.

There are four indexes to help you locate which word you want to study: an alphabetical list of English words used in the NKJV translation, a list of word studies in biblical order from Genesis to Revelation, and two lists of word studies by the original language using the Strong’s numbering system. These numbers start in H for the Hebrew definition and G for the Greek definition.

NKJV Word Study Bible

Each word is underlined with the highlighted word study in blue. The underlined word may have the word study on that page or refer you to another page/passage where it’s located. The words are numbered using the Strong’s numbering system.

The Bible has been translated from over 8,600 Hebrew and Aramaic words and over 5,600 Greek words. The NKJV Word Study Bible is not a comprehensive study but meant to be an introduction to Bible Word Study.

Some of its special features include:

  1. the full text of the NKJV Bible
  2. 1800 Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek word studies, plus thousands of cross references to word studies
  3. Book introductions
  4. NKJV translators’ footnotes
  5. In-text subheadings
  6. Words of Christ in red
  7. Indexes by Strong’s number, by English word, and by book
  8. Concordance
  9. Full-color Bible maps

This has been a great tool for me when I want to easily find the meaning and context of a word. 

However, you may need to use the Strong’s concordance or a website like if you don’t find the word you’re looking for or want to dig deeper into the meaning of the word. 

I was provided a free copy of this book from Booklookbloggers in exchange for my honest review.

NKJV Word Study Bible

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