5 Ways to Renw Hope So You Can Write

It’s been over five years since I pressed publish on my first blog post.

I love to write posts that answer questions I have about living out my faith. It’s always rewarding to find a trail of answers in God’s Word and share what I’ve learned with others.

Some of the highlights of my journey include finishing a book proposal and receiving interest from several major Christian publishing companies! What a blessing to receive confirmation, validation, and assurance in one of the ways God has called me to minister to others. 

Since I love to read, it’s been exciting to have opportunities to review books and participate in launch teams for some of my favorite authors.

Some of the challenging times have been receiving rejection emails for the size of my platform numbers or timing issues due to similar books in the market. 

There have been seasons in my personal life when I felt like I had to give up writing. I either became discouraged because I didn’t feel adequate, or my trials seemed to overwhelm my thoughts, forever stifling the flow of words.

But here I am again back at it. I always come back to writing. Because I deep down I know I am a Hope Writer. Writing helps me find hope in life. And ultimately sharing the hope Jesus gives me is what living is about.

I’ve talked with a lot of writers who go through seasons when they feel like giving up. After all, keeping up a blog or writing a book takes time, money, and a tremendous amount of learning. 

5 Ways to Renw Hope So You Can Write

Even though there are stumbling blocks along the way, doesn’t mean we have to give up writing.

So when you feel like your losing hope to write again remember these 5 things.

1. It’s ok to take a break

When we lose hope, we get tempted to give up writing altogether.

Instead of guilting yourself for not writing during this hard season in your life, maybe you need to take time to rest and process. 

I’m writing this in the middle of a construction zone.  I’ve had to take a break from writing this summer. My entire downstairs flooring has been torn out for over 5 weeks and we’re living on cement. We have no kitchen or downstairs bathroom. My husband received a pay cut and the kitchen remodel is draining our savings as costs are more than we expected them to be. Now I understand why they say remodeling is stressful.

Some of you are sick, have lost homes, or are struggling through a difficult relationship. 

Life is stressful and God understands our need to rest.

Sometimes taking breaks has a way of renewing our hope and fuels our passion to write again.

2. Get Involved 

It’s easy to get isolated when finishing deadlines and meeting personal writing goals. With the pandemic going on, this has become even more of a challenge for many of us.

Sometimes it feels like life is passing me by and my kids are growing up before I have a chance to notice.

I think it’s important to get involved and be physically and emotionally present with our family and friends. I’m writing less these days but I’m excited to join back with my women’s online small group. 

I’m also looking forward to helping with my teen’s life group. 

We have to experience life so we can learn and grow. This also fuels our writing.

3. It’s Not Really About the Money

The truth is, I tried so hard to make a career out of writing because I love it so much. Who doesn’t want to get paid for their passion and love of writing? 

But most writers have to supplement their income in another way.

This was a hard pill for me to swallow. It didn’t mean I couldn’t make money from writing, it meant I had to remember the reason why I write. Would I still do it if I could never publish a book or make any money? Asking this question helped me discover that writing will always be a part of how God created me.

Writers often have to think of writing as a business in order to meet goals and earn money. There’s nothing wrong with that. But underneath the business mentality, there is always a heart fueled by the love of writing and the desire to bring help and hope to others. 

This is the hope we always come back to. It’ the hope that keeps us going.

4. Writing is a Rewarding Ministry

When I am going through a hard season in life and I feel like I can’t write one single word, I will usually receive a comment on my blog about how God leads someone to a post of mine that helped them. Sometimes I don’t even have it in me to reply back right away. God uses those comments to help renew my hope in my writing ministry.

We don’t always see or understand what God is doing behind the scenes.

When you feel discouraged, think back on the positive feedback you’ve received. Take a look at your analytics and see how far and wide your message is spreading. Take the pressure off yourself to produce and let the Holy Spirit guide your writing.

5. Find a Like-Minded Community

I joined Hope Writers when it was new. Since then Hope Writers has blossomed into a full ministry and resource for writers at every level. The family atmosphere Emily P. Freeman, Bryan Dixon, and Gary Morland founded this group on, still remains.

This group offers help for whatever stage in writing you are in. You can find the writing path you’re on and meet life- long friends. If you want to check it out, there’s a free PDF to help you discover if you’re ready to write a book. 

Or listen to the webinar about Hope Writers here.

I’ve met up with several Hope Writers at writing conferences. I’ve learned how to write a book proposal, how to pitch a book at a writing conference, the role of agents and editors, and so much more!

Every Tuesday they offer teachings I know will help me take the next scary step on my writing journey.

But most of all, this is where I go to muster up some hope when I’m discouraged. I scroll the Hope Writer FaceBook community and find how other writers handled rejection and kept on writing. I listen to Tuesday Teachings and find people asking the same questions I have. 


When you feel discouraged look back at how far you’ve come. Give yourself time to process.

If you want help moving forward in your writing journey, Hope Writers may be just what you are looking for. I love the “I am a Hope Writer” logo you can place on your website.

They open their doors just a few times a year, so now is the time to join. 


What about you? What renews your love for writing?



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