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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I fall into the comparison trap. I start wishing  I was less like me and more like someone else. 

I wish I was funny and could make people laugh. I wish I could accomplish my goals as successfully and quickly as my peers. Sometimes I feel like the last one on the path and everyone else is so far ahead of me, even though I’m doing my very best.  

Do you ever feel like that?

Who do you compare yourself with?

In DistinctlyYou, speaker and author Cheryl Martin, encourages us to trade comparison and competition for freedom and fulfillment.

Martin learned early on that letting others define her would block God’s will for her life. While desiring to pursue a career in broadcasting, her high school teacher told her she couldn’t write. 

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It’s a good thing she didn’t allow those words to prevent her from pursuing her dreams! She ended up receiving a masters degree in broadcast journalism and became a popular news anchor.

Martin uses her personal experiences and study of the scriptures to help others embrace their own God-given abilities.

She says,

“The three C’s (Comparing, Competing, Coveting) can lead to the three D’s (depression, discouragement, and discontentment).”

This book encourages you to take your eyes off of others and examine God’s own distinct plan for you. 

It helped me to see that my path is just the right one for me. Even if my steps are slow and it takes me longer to get to my destination.

She says,

“Am I doing the best with what God has given me?”

“Be authentically you. That’s when you will have your greatest success.”

“Your limitation does not limit God.”

She encourages you not only to embrace your own gifts but to make sure that the choices you make are also aligned with God’s will and purpose for you.

The book is divided into two sections, 12 Distinctly You Blockers and 12 Distinctly You Builders. Each chapter concludes with questions for individual or group use.

Since comparison is one of my Distinctly You Blockers, it was affirming for me to be reminded to focus on my own progress and my own assignment from God.

She says, 

“When we stand before God, He’ll only ask us about one assignment, the one He gave us.”

Sometimes life can be discouraging and we can lose our vision and purpose. This book will help set your eyes on God’s purpose for you and help you gain the confidence you need to follow His plan for your life.

I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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Distinctly You

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