In Transforming Your Thought Life, Sarah Geringer helps readers learn how to take negative thoughts captive by meditating on scripture. 

How do we stop the negative thoughts racing through our minds each day? In Transforming Your Thought Life: Christian Meditation in Focus, Sarah Geringer helps readers learn how to take their thoughts captive by meditating on scripture. 

“You have an average of 60,000 thoughts every day, and up to 80 percent of those thoughts are negative.”  

Tracie Miles, Unsinkable Faith 

I loved how Sarah compared negative thoughts to a junk drawer.

“If my thoughts were visible and I had a magnifying glass to peer into my brain, I’d probably find my careless thoughts also looked like a junk drawer, crammed with every imaginable thing from various sources.”

Sarah goes on to describe the miscellaneous items in her junk drawer— A light switch for the wall, a razor blade, random keys, a long-distance calling card. Nobody sees our messy thoughts, so it’s easy to stuff them away like the things in our junk drawer. But since our thoughts affect our actions, it’s important to know how to change negative ways of thinking.

In Transforming Your Thought Life, Sarah Geringer helps readers learn how to take negative thoughts captive by meditating on scripture. 

Each chapter focuses on different categories of thoughts including:

  • Careless Thoughts
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Anxious Thoughts
  • Self-Critical Thoughts
  • Thoughts that Criticize Others
  • Fearful Thoughts
  • Idolatrous Thoughts
  • Guilty Thoughts
  • Discontent Thoughts
  • Impure Thoughts
  • Painful Thoughts
  • Defeated Thoughts
  • Regretful Thoughts
  • Angry Thoughts
  • Unforgiving Thoughts
  • Self-Focused Thoughts
  • Untrue Thoughts

Each type of negative thought is countered with a biblical virtue to meditate upon.

“To truly conquer anxiety, we must focus our thoughts on peace when we feel anxious.”

Sarah shares engaging and relatable stories about struggling with her thoughts. Her strategies helped me combat the downward spiral of my thoughts and focus on God’s word.

It was helpful to have her break down scripture verses into smaller sections in order to meditate on them and really absorb their truth and meaning.

All the chapters were inspiring and I plan to go back and reread them as needed.

Chapter four hit home. Sarah asks us to test ourselves to see how often self-critical words run through our thoughts. Most of the time self-accusing words start with “You are” followed by —stupid, worthless, dumb, fat, ugly, old, idiot, lazy. Sarah helps us combat these types of thoughts with verses about the many ways God loves us.

I also related to thoughts of defeat. I love how Sarah countered these with having confidence in Christ, She says,

“When you are seeking confidence, Christian meditation can empower your mind-set. It can destroy the doubts and fears that the enemy places in your thought life. 

I highly recommend this book for anyone who struggles with negative thinking.

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