There are days I intend to open my Bible only to find myself reading emails—then POOF, time has vanished and it’s 6:30 a.m. Time to wake the kids up for school. Life gets so busy and sometimes I neglect to separate myself from the distractions that pull me away from spending time with God.

It can be challenging to find uninterrupted time, especially if you’re a busy mom with young children and you need any sleep you can get. 

I just want to encourage you to keep trying and not give up. Sometimes we place unnecessary guilt on ourselves that stops us from pursuing God. But God always wants us to come to Him because He loves us and knows how much we need Him.

When we are exhausted, overwhelmed and joyless, the Bible is the fountain that will bring us back to life.

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Jesus is the one who breathes new purpose and joy into our step.

For with you is the fountain of life, in your light we see light Psalm 36:9

Philippians 2:16 says when we hold firmly to the word of life, we’ll be able to shine like stars in the sky. The verse before it says “do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may be blameless and pure, “children of God in a warped and crooked generation.”

I know I need to hold fast to God’s word so that I can feel the joy of the Lord and be able to shine His light to my family. 

When my kids were younger I felt hungry for the nourishment of God’s word before I started my day. I just needed the Lord to give me strength so I could have patience with them. I realized if I was going to have some quiet time I needed to wake up before my kids did. And so I began the habit of getting up at 5:00 in the morning. I remember praying my kids wouldn’t wake up as I  tiptoed downstairs. 

If you’re struggling to spend time in God’s Word, here are a few ways to help motivate you:

We all go through times when we struggle spending time in God's Word. Here are some helpful tips and resources to help motivate you!

I want to share with you a couple of free (delivered to your home) resources I’ve been using for many years! These devotions have always helped me look forward to getting up early and reading God’s Word.

Maybe you’re like me and love to hold a book instead of reading it on kindle or you love to have a hands-on devotional? These 2 resources have been  my  favorite ways to get into the word when I’m busy. I’ll usually read these before an in-depth Bible Study, as well.

The first one is a monthly devotional magazine through In Touch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley. Each day starts with a Bible Verse and is followed by a short devotional. I’ve recommended this magazine to many friends over the years! 

You can sign up to have these delivered for free to your home here. You can also choose the option of daily emails sent to you.

The next resource Our Daily Bread, I’ve used off and on over the years. Recently, I met one of the contributing writers at a conference. She gave me the link to sign up again. I ordered the large print edition and it’s the size of a regular book. I love it! You can also order the smaller version. These devotions also include a Bible Verse and a devotion for each day. You can sign up for these here. 

Maybe you just want to open your Bible and know how to read/study it for yourself? I want to share with you a wonderful course written by my friend Arabah Joy, that will teach you 7 ways to study the Bible in 7 days. Arabah is a missionary who has been in ministry for over 20 years. She’s also a great teacher and I’ve taken several courses from her.

*Bible Study Methods is an affiliate link


This is a self-paced, 7-day online course that includes 7 training videos, a workbook, and step-by-step printable worksheets for each method–all for $29.00. Each video will show you how to do each Bible Study Method! You can go at your own pace and you’ll have lifetime access to the course!

If you’ve been struggling in your devotional time, just remember, it’s never too late to start.

Once I started the habit of being in His Word, I just wanted more! 15 minutes turned into an hour and an hour turned into an hour and a half. His Word will give you the nourishment you need to face the day. And you’ll want to keep coming back for more of His living water!

Learn how to study God's Word on your own through this video course by Arabah Joy that will teach you 7 Bible Study Methods in 7 days!

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Did you know  I love reading your comments? I would be so happy if you shared your own tips that motivate you to read God’s Word. What time works best for you?



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