Take Every Thought Captive by Kelly Balarie helps readers exchange lies of the enemy for the mind of Christ. This book gives hands-on suggestions for changing self-defeating thoughts in order to transform the way you think. The writing is heartfelt and honest and succeeds at showing how to take powerful biblical truths to heart in order to train our thoughts and take them captive.

The book is divided into three parts: 1. Arm Up For Battle 2. Be Strong of Heart, Be Strong of Mind 3. Start Now: Take Every Thought Captive. Each chapter ends with a declaration, homework, and a prayer.

The second part of this book really solidified what God has been teaching me about the heart. I knew that our thoughts affect our emotions and actions, but it’s always a struggle to understand what it really means to take a thought captive. It always seems like the thought comes first, so how do you take it captive? Regulating our thoughts always starts with our hearts, and I hadn’t fully processed that truth until reading this book.

“If we address a thought without handling its underlying heart issue, we will play a never-ending game of Whack-A-Mole when we try to take our thoughts captive.”

As he thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7).

I loved the idea that we think with our hearts first. "You don't think from your mind, you think from your heart. If your heart is off, your course will be off too. Our hearts must think right for our thoughts to be right." 

"As Christ takes up more room in our hearts, as we see him throughout our everyday, and as we are pondering Him in our minds, the thoughts of His heart become the thoughts of ours."  

I also loved how the book helped me see how easy it is to say that I trust God when my actions don't show it. This quote helped me think about the ways my lack of trust in God negatively affects my thought life.

"We react to what tastes good in the moment instead of responding. We don't trust the mind of Christ. We don't think His way is our best way or as good as our own way. We don't think the nudge is really God. We don't trust God to defend us. We don't want to rely on anyone but ourselves. We don't feel like waiting on God when we can do something faster. We don't think something we don't understand could possibly be the right way to go. We don't think the other person will change without our two cents. We don't trust prayer. Lack of trust leads us to doubt everything in our minds."

Declaring biblical truth out loud is one way to take our thoughts captive. This book provides declarations we can say to take hold of the truth so it takes hold of us. Kelly says when she struggles with negative thoughts, she turns them around by cheerleading her soul. “God is going to teach me how to be a good wife and a good mom. God is going to carry me out on the other side and make me stronger. God is going to show up and lead me in the way I should go.”

Take Every Thought Captive by Kelly Balarie helps readers exchange the lies of the enemy with the mind of Christ.

Part three of the book shares practical ways to take thoughts captive by agreeing with God and thinking with our renewed minds. It teaches how to stop negative thought patterns and think about what we’re thinking about by using the STOP/START method. Each chapter tackles a specific negative thought/lie and uses each step in the STOP/START process. This section is helpful because Kelly uses her own situations, circumstances, and negative thoughts to show the reader how she utilizes the STOP/START method to change her perspective. The end of each chapter promotes further soul-searching by asking a thought-provoking question with space in the book to journal. 


1. Capture the Thought

2. Determine Who is Speaking

3. Understand Intent


1. Submit to the Mind of Christ

2. Discover any Unlocked Doors

3. Repent, Renounce, Pray,

4. Go a New Way

5. Keep the Temple Shining

Take Every Thought Captive is the kind of book you’ll want to keep on hand so you can implement its helpful tips and suggestions when the enemy tries to beat you down.

“You have everything you need, through Jesus Christ, to be transformed. May you stay your mind on Jesus as you fight the good fight of faith with a steady mind and a strong heart.”

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