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Every year I walk the aisles of my least favorite store (Home Depot) searching for stocking stuffers. I usually leave with a gift card because I never know what to buy my husband that he doesn’t already have. 

This year I decided to get some ideas from his Amazon purchases and saved for later cart. 

I hope these ideas will make your shopping a little easier.

Cable Clip Organizers

When I saw my husband using a cable clip to secure his phone cord, I had to get one for myself. These are so handy! Whenever I unplugged my phone from my alarm clock charger, the cord would fall to the ground. Not anymore! Now I don’t have to reach over the side of my bed to grab the cord from the floor. Yay!


Popsockets: Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones

These are great to help you grip your phone for texting, calling or taking pictures. It works in landscape mode for watching videos and gaming as well. My husband thinks these are great.

Pinaud Clubman Styptic Pencil for Nick Relief


My husband uses these to help stop the bleeding when he cuts himself shaving. 

Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 7 Plus Case with Slim Dual Layer Wallet


My husband wanted a sturdy case that could carry a few credit cards and fit in his pocket. He loves this one.

TEKTON Digital Tire Gauge 


This has a digital display and a lighted nozzle. It’s easy to use and gets great reviews.

It can be so hard to know what to buy your man! Find out perfect amazon stocking stuffers that come recommended by my husband. #amazonstockingstuffers #stockingstuffers

Curved Jaw Cable Cutter

My husband recently purchased this to use at work to cut battery cables.

UST Sparkie Fire Starter


This is a handy light-weight tool for camping or backpacking.

 Lumens Cree led Small Flashlight


My husband bought this compact flashlight to use at work. He says it gives off a great beam.

Sun Glass Clips

We have these sun glass clips in both cars and they work great!

Reading Glasses 


My husband likes to store things properly. He orders these reading glasses because they come with a case.



This multi-tool has everything you need! I even found the nail filer works better than any I’ve ever tried! Now I always ask to borrow this to file my nails. 

Emergency Escape Mulit-Tool

A great family safe tool to keep in your car!

Scalp Massager 


We got this as a Christmas gift a few years back. My husband loves it!

Pocket Screw Driver


We are always searching for a screw driver to open battery compartments or fix eyeglasses. 

Dental Tools

Digital Meat Thermometer

My husband loves this easy to read digital meat thermometer!

Flexible Extended Screwdriver

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Do you have a hard time figuring out what to buy your man? Here are some great Amazon gift ideas for your husband! All gifts are recommended by my husband.

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