If you can identify the lie and the fear that feeds the lie, you can be free.:

In Overcome, Replacing the Lies That Hold Us Down With the Truths That Set Us FreeClayton King encourages readers to understand the lies that hold them back from living a fulfilled life. Each lie is buried beneath a deep rooted fear of losing something. Once we are able to pinpoint the fear we can replace lies with truth. 

This book is about how you can find victory above life’s challenges by letting Jesus overcome them through you.

Those who overcome are not those who do something for Jesus but those who let Jesus do something through them.

Each chapter is written to expose a common lie and overcome it with truth. 


  1. God is mad at me, and that’s why my life is filled with hurt and disappointment

  2. I am unloved and alone

  3. It’s hopeless, things will never get better

  4. Good people don’t suffer

  5. Sex is no big deal

  6. I can’t resist temptation

  7. Money will solve all my problems

  8. I can’t forgive (or be forgiven)

  9. I can never change

It is so important to look at the lie that is holding you down. Cut straight to the source of the fear you’re feeling and then ruthlessly cut it out of your life by replacing it with the truth. The lie has been robbing you of joy. It’s kept you in chains.

In chapter 2 Love and Loneliness Clayton talks about a challenging time in his life when his father was about to die. Counseling helped him discover that he really wasn’t afraid of his father dying but of being alone and unloved. Identifying the lie helped him notice the people in his life who loved him and were always there for him.

He was also able to find his acceptance in Christ.

He replaced the lie that he had to earn love with the truth that God loved him the way he was.

Once you replace lies with truth, you can stop living in fear of someone withholding love from you when you don’t measure up. 

Instead of constantly wondering whether or not you are performing well enough to elicit love, you can live in confidence that you never have to perform in order to receive love again.

I think that this would be a good book for those who struggle with some of the lies the author references and may also serve as a good framework for learning how to expose other unique fears and lies not listed.

Once the lie is exposed, it will lose control over you as you work to replace it with truth. 

You choose who has emotional authority in your life, when you choose God, lies lose their power. #overcome Click To Tweet

This is how you overcome.

I received a free copy of this book from Baker Books Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. 


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