The relationships between mothers and daughters can be complicated. Whether you have a close relationship or one that’s tense, Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughterswill help strengthen communication and aid in healing and restoration.

Blythe Daniel and her mom Dr. Helen McIntosh share their perspective on difficult issues they worked through together. The book offers suggestions in approaching conflict and encourages readers to see the other person for who she is becoming rather than who she used to be.

Throughout the book, conversation starters give practical communication skills for touchy issues.


Mended will help mothers and daughters strengthen and restore their relationship.When seasons of life change, we have to learn a new normal in how to relate and respect one another.

I have three girls and I’m already thinking about how hard it will be when my oldest spreads her wings and flies to another nest. When daughters move out of the house, it can be difficult for moms to let go. 

Marriage and grandchildren create another transitional dynamic. This book gave me pause to think about how to nurture the relationship with my daughters through love and respectful communication.

I appreciated the tips they gave to navigate these times through healthy communication:

“What I want is a good relationship, and you are more important to me than the problem/this difference of opinion/this snag.”

“Despite our differences, I do choose/want to have a relationship with you. Our relationship is far more important than our differences to me. Maybe we can talk about ways for us to do this.”

“I want to have a good (healthy, great) relationship. We do have a problem, but I believe we can make repairs. What do you think we need to do to make things better?”

When differences arise it’s important to care more about the relationship than about being right.

“Don’t put yourself in situations where you’re trying to show that your opinion or our decisions matter most. Can you let go of the luxury of being right in order for peace to prevail?”

Each chapter ends with a “Mending Thread” and “Making it Personal” section. I thought this was a great book for mothers and daughters who have a good relationship as well as those who don’t.


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