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Last month, I set up the inflatable pool in the backyard for the kids. From day one, they were begging me to jump in and have fun with them. Naturally, the excuses poured out of my mouth. It is not warm enough, I do not want to get wet… the list went on and on. Until one Saturday, when I finally chose to jump in and have fun.

How to jump in and have fun with your kids


It was the Saturday before Mother’s Day and the boys had helped me plant a bunch of beautiful flowers. They went to jump in the pool and my husband was fixing the lawn mower. Inside, I could already visualize my long list of things to do and knew I had at least an hour before the youngest woke. I pictured myself checking things off the list. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw my boys jumping and laughing in the pool.

It looked like so much fun.

Without giving it another thought, I slipped out of my flip-flops and jumped in (well as much as you can in a kids pool).

The look on my boy’s eyes was priceless. They glimmered with joy and excitement. We spent the next hour laughing, splashing, racing, and playing silly pool games. It was such a good time and we had a lot of fun.

Later that night, I was tucking my oldest into bed and I said something about it being such a fun day. His reply was that he loved playing in the pool with me.

Friends, it really was such a simple and basic thing. I jumped in the pool. I did not go buy new toys, create a Pinterest-worthy craft or anything grand. I choose to jump in and have fun.

We get so busy doing so many things. These things are not bad things and most of the time, they do need to eventually get done, but we have to take time to have fun with our kids. They are only young once. I know it is tiring at times, and so draining, but when you take the time to jump in together, you will remember why you do what you do.

Jump in and have fun this week mamas- and watch your child's delight. Share on X

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