I’ll never forget the strong pull I felt on my heart to start a blog. I knew the Lord was calling me. I always wanted to be a writer but I never knew how to use my writing as a ministry.  About a year into blogging, I got to know Carmen Brown. Her writings at Married By Grace drew me in right away. 

After I read her ebook By His Grace We Blog, I knew I wanted to share it with others who felt that same tug on their heart to write. I was so impressed by her book because she not only shares the how to’s but she speaks straight to the heart of the writer.

She gives Godly advice about what she’s learned along the way in areas such as how to manage time and make wise decisions for your blog. I think every blogger should read her ebook no matter how far into blogging they may be because she helps you remember your purpose for writing and the great impact you can have. I asked Carmen if she would write a guest post and I’m so honored to feature her writing today! She’s even offered 25% discount to my readers! 

Are You Called to Blog?

We all have a story and testimony to share. Recently, something I heard made think about this and about what I am doing as a Blogger.

I heard a preacher say, “The greatest tragedy I can have is to not share my story.”

When we share our stories we share our testimonies. We have the chance to share where God has brought us from and where He is about to take us.

During my alone time to write blog posts I am not just motivated to be more in depth with my bible to make sure I am in accordance with the word of God but it also gives me time to reflect about the situations and examples I am using to write to other wives, mothers, and to other Christian Bloggers.

My reflection often takes me to a place of thanksgiving and gratitude for all that God has done for me and how it is possible to overcome with Christ as our strength.

I started Married by His Grace blog because God spoke to me with two simple words, “Just write.” It took me two years to figure out what it was for. Out of obedience to the Lord I wrote but never shared my writings and although I wrote often I was never content that I was fulfilling the request He gave me.

When I started my blog, I began to feel like the void in my writings was finally becoming complete. I am excited to write everyday and to dive more in depth into the stories I share to give a completeness of how God brought me through the situations.


Are you called to blog? Perhaps you feel God tugging on your heart to write as a ministry but you don't know how to start. In By His Grace We Blog, Carmen Brown helps ignite the passion within you through her Godly advice about blogging.

The scripture that brought me to salvation seven years ago constantly replays in my head as if that moment of repeating the verse was planned by God to show me how it would eventually play out in my life. What once felt like a void now feels like completeness in my writings which brings much joy to my soul.

Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.

Psalm 30:5 NKJV

After a few months of blogging I came to a realization that some were made to preach in front of hundreds to thousands of people, some were created to go from city to city, country to country to spread the good news, some were made to build up communities with food banks and homeless shelters, some were called to visit the sick and the widows, some were anointed to preach the gospel on the street, some were taught to teach children, but I was called to write.

I was called to write to minister the word of God and to spread the testimony that I have within myself. Writing has became my voice to speak to wives, mothers, and to encourage Christian Bloggers that the words they type into their blogs matter and that they will touch others nation to nation.

When we are obedient to God’s calling on our lives, it is not about the size or numbers that matter, it’s about defeating the tragedy of not spreading the testimonies and stories we have within us.

When we are obedient to God's calling on our lives, it is not about the size or numbers that matter, it's about defeating the tragedy of not spreading the testimonies and stories we have within us. Click To Tweet

If you feel like God is calling you to write and contribute to spreading the gospel through blogging then I highly recommend following the Lord’s direction. There is a purpose and need for writers such as you to build up the Christian community and to ignite the passion in others of who Christ is in their lives.

To start a Christian blog, finding your niche within creating a Christian atmosphere on your site is essentially one of the most important things you can do for your blog.

Who do you want to speak to? Do you have passion to speak to mothers, wives, or young women? Do you hope to connect with your readers through bible studies or prayer plans? Or do you want to blog about your journey through healing and finding hope in Christ?

The topics are limitless. With it being your blog and your creation you can build it as you desire but make sure to follow your passion and the leading of God before anything else. If you do not do those two things, writing continuously and building a blog can become burdensome and tiresome. You can easily lose the vision you first started with.

To keep your blog from destruction it is important that you write about what speaks to your heart and to create a place where you can be yourself as a Christian.

Being a Christian is a lifestyle. Your blog will essentially speak volumes of this through your writings and this is why you should follow the visions the Lord gave you to begin a blog.

He knows the purpose and plans for your blog. He knows who it will speak to and who it will bring hope and freedom to. Click To Tweet

He is essentially the creator of your blog and will ultimately be the one to put the writings in front of who will need it.

When you start a blog and narrow down your niche, find Christian Blogging groups that will offer support and encouragement. Being part of a community that has the same purpose you do as a Christian Blogger will help you to stay in alignment with God’s will.

If you would like to know more about starting a blog and establishing yourself as a Christian Blogger, you can gain more guidance from my eBook ‘By His Grace We Blog, Christian Blogging 101.’

The sixteen chapter eBook covers topics from: Branding, Networking, Social Media, Pinterest, Monetizing, Creating Products, Finding your Niche, and most importantly how to Cultivate your Blog into a Ministry, along with so much more.

Learn more about the eBook here.

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Carmen Brown is the creator of Married by His Grace blog. She actively writes to women who are desiring to build their home with the word of God. Her passions involve staying connected with her family, drinking an immense amount of coffee daily, and developing content that will help and encourage new Christian Bloggers. You can connect with Carmen on her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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