Anyone but Me by Ray Comfort shares 10 ways to overcome fear and share the gospel. Comfort writes about his many experiences evangelizing by interviewing people for his Youtube channel. He also worked with Kirk Cameron as the cohost of the TV program, Way of the Master.

One theme throughout the book is learning to share the gospel out of love for the lost. He aims to help unbelievers hear the truth of salvation by grace alone.

“If we are going to speak the truth in love, we must make sure that we’re speaking the truth. The good news we are to herald is that Christ died for our sins and rose again on the third day. If we preach that His suffering wasn’t sufficient (and that we, therefore, have to add our works to it), we poison the message.

Comfort often strikes up conversations with strangers at the park as people notice he and his dog wearing sunglasses.

While street evangelism may not be the way all Christians prefer to share the gospel, I believe it’s important to listen to the Holy Spirit when He’s prompting us to get out of our comfort zone and minister to others.

Are you afraid to share your faith with others? In Anyone but Me, author Ray Comfort shares 10 ways to overcome fear and share the gospel.

“If I’m about to approach a stranger or open-air preach and fear and fury come at me like arrows, I don’t panic. I quench their fire by not thinking of myself but of the unsaved and their terrible fate.”

Comfort encourages us to be prepared by being loving, obedient, decisive, defiant (fighting the real enemy), focused, prepared, truthful, practiced, faithful, and prayerful.

The author’s methods of communicating when evangelizing may not fit everyone’s personality style. Still, the book helps reignite the passion to not be afraid to share the solid truth of the gospel.

I was given a free copy of this book from BakerBooks in exchange for my honest review.

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