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I was so excited to receive the Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible because it included 100 core scripture songs for children to sing in order to help them memorize Bible verses.

Since my children (ages 6, 10, 8 and 13) love to sing, I really think this will be a hit.

The core 100 verses are offered in three Bible versions: The New Living Translation, the New International Verso, and the New King James Version. 

These verses are colored in green throughout the Bible and include an application section and a short prayer. There’s also the option to dig deeper with each verse by going to the back of the Bible and reading a devotion.

The Bible has a code on the back of the front cover to enter into their website to access the downloadable songs.

You need to download the songs to your computer and upload them to either your iPhone or Android. 

I streamed the songs through my phone by logging into the website and playing them.

Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible NLT

Hidden In My Heart Scripture Memory Bible

My kids love Vacation Bible School music but they didn’t seem to care for these songs. The songs seemed more suited for children who are preschool-1st grade age. 

The Bible itself seemed more suited for ages 10 and up.

I think the Digging Deeper section in the back of the Bible would be great for parents to read to their kids for family devotions.

I received the Bible in paperback. The pages are thin and you can see the writing come through from the other side of the page.

There are some helpful special features including:

a checklist to keep track of your progress

100 Digging Deeper Devotions with questions

a topical memory verse finder

Great Bible Passages to Memorize

Great Bible Stories to Know 

Share Song Index by age range.

The section, Great Bible Stories to Know and Share included tips to help readers understand the true stories in the Bible in order to share them effectively. I thought these were great tips:

Understand the Setting for the Story

Identify and Get to Know the Characters

Identify and List Important Story Details

Memorize Direct Quotes and Important Lines

Identify the Important Truths

Tell the Story and Share its Truth

Join Friends to Act the Story Out for Others

In my opinion, this is a great Bible for ages 10 and up to read on their own.

I enjoyed the Digging Deeper devotions and think these would be great to do as a family and then listen to the corresponding song for the memory verse.

Hidden In My Heart Scripture Memory Bible

I received this Bible for free from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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