I’ve been using the NKJV Know the Word Study Bible and have found it very easy to use and understand. I love this Bible! 

This hard-bound Bible is very well made. It offers three ways to study the Bible, Book by Book, Verse by Verse and Topic by Topic. I enjoy the way these three different approaches of study are formatted in the layout of the Bible.

Book by Book: Each book of the Bible is introduced at the beginning with a summary of the book and a section that explains how to study it.

A section titled, Study the Book Highlights is included in the summary which leads you to a study of the book highlights. These portions are featured in brown throughout the chapters. I really love the historical and cultural background these highlights offer because they really increase my understanding of the passage. 

 I’ve read a lot of book introductions and these seem to stand out to me above the rest because the purpose of the book is made so clear.

Verse by Verse: I usually choose Bibles that offer the verse by verse method so that I have immediate access to an explanation of words used in the verse. These explanations are clear and explain the historical meaning of terms and words used in the passage to increase your knowledge.

Topic by Topic: These topics are included in short articles found throughout the Bible. You can easily find them at the front of the Bible and they are included as numbered notes in the main portions of the text.

  • Trinity
  • God the Father
  • God the Son 
  • God the Holy Spirit 
  • Love
  • Covenant
  • Bible
  • Salvation
  • Christ Follower
  • Church
  • Sanctification
  • Obedience
  • Purpose
  • People
  • God’s Will
  • Relationships
  • Evil
  • Sin and Temptation
  • Suffering
  • Faith and Works
  • Last Things

I enjoy these notes because they are like little devotions you can access during your Bible reading time.

The NKJV Know the Word Study Bible is very easy to use and understand! It offers three ways of study: Book by Book, Verse by Verse and Topic by Topic

Features Include:

New King James Version of the Bible Text

Three easy approaches to studying the Bible: Book by Book, Verse by Verse, Topic by Topic

Book introductions

Words of Jesus in red

Two-color interior page design

Comprehensive list of theological notes


Full-color maps

I love how this Bible gives such a comprehensive understanding of the text by providing three methods of study. 

I give it five out of five stars!

I was given this book for free from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

NKJV Know the Word Study Bible

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